Why I Choose To Study Engineering

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The value of education is something that I have understood at a very young age. Through personal experience I have seen how people around me face difficulties in their personal and professional lives because they did not get an opportunity to attend college. Moreover, my parents have made many commitments in order to make sure that I get a good education that they weren’t able to get during their childhood.
Ever since I was a child, I have been showing a particular interest in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Information Technology. It isn’t entirely because I find it fascinating to work with sums, programming and experiments, but also because I like to explore, experiment and create something new. That is why I choose to become an engineer so that I could reach my target. This is one of my long rage career goals, and in order to achieve this target I have been using my time during school doing subjects that directly relates to the fields that I’m interested in, such as Additional Mathematics and Further Mathematics and these subjects have helped me to pass with high
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My results so far in my GCE advanced level exam and first year results at ANC have built my self-esteem, supplied me with a wide set of practical skills, broadened my horizons in many different sciences and provided me with the motivation to study Engineering. I am confident that this would facilitate my studies and increase my ability to grasp different aspects of engineering. When considering my current grades in my first year at college I believe that I’m suitable for this scholarship and I plan to use this opportunity with great care and dedication to reach my targets.I am passionate about Engineering and will embrace any opportunity to develop my skills and flourish in my chosen career. I believe my choice of institutions matches my capabilities as well as my aspirations to become
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