Personal Narrative: My Favorite Members In My Family

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Outside of school I love to do activities that entertain me a lot. When I am outside of school I feel relaxed, lazy, and energetic all at once. Additionally, I have a loving family of six, counting me and my dog. My favorite members in my family are my dad and mom, they help me out when I have a problem or an issue that needs to be fixed, they are always by my side and I am thankful for that. I also have two energetic, crazy, and hyper sisters. Our oldest sister in our family is named Ilana, she LOVES horses and having pets. The younger sister in our family is named Emma, she loves to watch movies and play outside. Our hairy member of our family is our dog named Sunny, he loves to play with us and he likes to be outside. And then there…show more content…
I like to learn new things in English, and I like to learn new things even more when they make sense to me. In the past English seemed to get better and better every year. Since we started to read more books in in class, I started to like English even more, since I like reading. The teachers in the past English classes seemed like nice people and the classmates were not so bad either. I like how every year in English the classes get harder and harder because then I have to use my brain even more. My favorite books I have ever read will probably be The Lightning Thief, The Blood of Olympus, and The Serpent’s Shadow. In my opinion they are great books to read, I highly recommend anyone to read them. Just from reading those three books I learned many new words. I enjoy Persuasive writing, just because I like to persuade people. Persuasive writing allows me to express my opinion and make the reader see it the same way as me, which I like. My strengths in English is doing tests and essays, I am good at those two strengths because I try my very best when doing them and also because they get me all excited and warmed up. My weakness in English is having to correct papers with mistakes on them. When I do them I sometimes over think, which makes me mess up and fail. What I really am striving for in this year 's English class is to get an A for every quarter and to learn and to learn new things in class. My parents want me to get an A as a grade in English for this whole year and they want me to learn new things in class. I want to make them happy by achieving that goal. English skills will help me improve my literacy and make me an efficient communicator which will help me achieve my goals in question two. English skills are important, they help you succeed in

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