My Personal Experience: An Introduction To Starbucks

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As millennials, all are expected to be at our best as we try to balance school, relationships, career, family, social life & other things. It is not surprising why most of us are into different kinds of activity to keep everything balanced. One of the easiest and affordable ways to relax is to hang out with friends in coffee or tea shops. As a student in today’s society, nothing worthwhile ever happens without endurance and energy. One thing that have really won this generations heart is Starbucks. It may be unwinding with friends, meeting new people, having a meeting to discuss serious matters like school-works or when every single minute of every day interacting with people that I forget to take a step back and give myself some quality "me" time, spending time alone in this place to recharge our mental batteries. It is also noticeable that in every season, rainy or summer I’d still love to go to this shop, when jumping for joy I go there, when sad or in despair I still go there. Starbucks became my third place’ outside of school and home.
This coffee shop is appreciated worldwide and in the Philippines, because Starbucks is almost everywhere you go. It caters to customers of all ages. Apart from the fact that Frappuccino and milkshakes are perfect for the Philippine tropical weather. Another reason why customers kept coming back to Starbucks is that it offers wider choices of flavors than the other coffee shops, they serve whipped cream, syrup, and certain toppings for

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