My Personal Experience As A Teacher

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1. By the age of 3, I became tutor for my older classmates, teaching them how to calculate and read books. Yet at the end of our term, the tears burned out my face as I was the only person still stayed in this class, cannot move to the higher level due to not enough age. However, this tutor experience prompted me to be responsible for training new employees in any companies I have worked. 2. From the middle high school, I was only the person staying farthest from school. However, I never took any days off in my school life, even when I got sick. My friends often say that if anyone wants our class learned in any year, just ask Thanh. 3. The first time I performed in the large crowds is in the play of primary school. I didn’t believe in my eyes when having multiples claps from the audience. It brought me the surprise as I thought that I couldn’t do well after teacher’s designation. 4. When I was in high school, I just know the road from school to home and vice versa. Although it’s quite late after I began working as professional, my old friends felt surprised and jealous when seeing I discovered a plenty of strange destinations with the dense frequency once a month. 5. I am a huge fan of soccer. When I studied in my university, I persuaded my sibling to sell flags at the semi-final match of my national soccer team to earn money. However, l left my sibling alone to find customers as I was too focused on how the match happened. Fortunately, our business did not suffer losses any

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