Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience

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My own personal experience began a few years ago as I grew up a boy who likes to play soccer each and every day after school as I was young. During this time when I grow, my parents were assisting to do what I like but they were providing guidance on what I should do and that thing that it must be social acceptable in the society. my mother bought me the soccer boots while I was in grade one, doing my first year at primary level so that I could play soccer, she did this because I was able to find balance between my school work and also playing time. My personal experience also went through when I was 13 years when I had to choose my high school; my parents recommended the school which they thought it was best for but they let me to decide which school I want to go to. The high school that I went to that when I find my friends that I have today. The first crisis typically occurs during early to middle adolescence, and is called the crisis of identity versus identity confusion during adolescence (age 12 to 18 yrs.), the transition from childhood to adulthood. This crisis represents the struggle to find a balance between developing a unique, individual identity while still being accepted and fitting in.…show more content…
At this stage as children learn a sense of industry if they win praise for productive, activities, such as building, painting, and reading (Coon & Mitterer, 2012). When I was still in Grade one, our teacher used to praise us in class when we did in a particular thing that she asked us to do it. My mother used to buy me thing that I love such as wrestling T-shirts when I did well at school or sometimes if I got a total on classwork. At this stage that when the teachers and parents begin to take an important role in the child’s life as they teach the child specific skills (Coon & Mitterer,

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