Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Being In Foster Care

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One of the biggest experiences I have gone through in my life is my sisters and me being in foster care our whole lives. Our first time being in foster care was when I our mom left us over our grandpa’s house while handling business. While being over my grandpa’s house we played games, laughed, talked and baked cakes. The neighbors and our grandpa all of a suddenly got into a big fight and the neighbors called the police out and made up lies about my grandpa saying that he was being loud and invading their privacy and mistreating us. The polices were very mean and we watched them beat our granddad as we stood there crying and begging the police to not take him away. The police took us to the police station and tried to get in contact…show more content…
After she moved to Georgia we couldn’t call her or anything because my aunt said we couldn’t and we really couldn’t see her. Another 2 years went by and she finally start letting us go to Georgia only in the summers. We would tell our mom how much we really wanted to be with her and how our aunt was treating us. She would always tell us that she’s trying to get us back but my aunt keeps lying to her about coming back down to Florida But every time she tried my aunt would tell her that she called the courts to reopen the case, but she would lie to my mom. We all cried when it was time for us to come back to Florida because we knew that our aunt was going to do us wrong. When we got back, she continued to do us wrong and call us names and talk about our mom in our face. That next year we moved to a big house with our aunt and her husband so it even got worst. My uncle was touching on my oldest sister, but she would never tell on anyone because she was scared and he told her to don’t tell and gave her money. Time passed by and we moved back to our old house, and my aunt and her husband separated. He found a girlfriend, but they were still married and he still would come to see her when he could. My uncle would tell my aunt if she gave us back to DCF, he would come back to
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