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I had not heard of social work until my first year of college. I started out as a chemistry major with hopes of doing forensic science. I soon discovered that chemistry was not for me so I began to look for a new major that my school offered. I just happened to stumble upon Social Work.
The more I learned about social work, the more I fell in love with this profession. I fell in love with this profession because I love helping people and spreading affection to people. When I tell people that know me that I am studying to be a social worker, their response is usually something like that I will be a good social worker and that they could see me being a social worker.
During one of the social work classes my teacher asked us, what makes us come
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Since the major was human service, I interned in the recreation department. However, there was some social work aspects mixed in with the recreation. We did initial interviews and we were assigned residents to visit because they didn’t come to many recreation programs. Once my internship was over, I was offered a job in their recreation department as a recreational aid. This left me with three jobs and going to school full time. I was able to keep my grades up and not letting my effort level decrease in any of my…show more content…
Most of the course that I didn’t great in were course that were not in my major but that I took to get credits. I opted not to take suepr easy classes because I like learning new things and to challenge myself. Those tough classes with not great grades are what dragged my cummalitive GPA down. I expect to keep increasing my knowledge and to keep improve my social work skills. I also expect to get more practice in the field by doing internships. I also expect to gain more connections with faculty and students that will be useful in the future.
I plan on specializing in clinical social work. As of right now, I plan on working with the geriatric population especially those in assisted living after completing my MSW. However, I would not mind working with individuals with disabilities.
I think that Ualbany is a good fit because of the size of the program. I also like that the school is near my home so I could live at home and I could keep my current job. The fact that this program is ranked as one the best graduate schools by the U.S. news and world report was another reason why I was drawn to this program. I have such great things about this program, which made me want to go here even

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