Personal Narrative: My High School Life

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Many say high school life is one of the most difficult times of a student’s journey, but mine was both challenging and exciting to cherish. I had stepped on my first day of eighth-grade class feeling the butterflies warm up my little self. I could still vividly remember how terrified I was of failing and disappointing myself. But as I come across this path I took, I had faced many ardent obstacles that had positively pushed me out of my comfort zone. Nothing could beat out the moments when I unraveled new horizons in learning academically and growing personally. One thing that tremendously troubled me was the continuous agony I had endured in Mathematics. I will not lie, but this aggravating Achilles hill of mine took out a lot of my self – esteem that I started to doubt and to question my…show more content…
I thought of having bigger responsibilities, more complicated projects, difficult homework and so on. And yes I was positive! I have experienced a lot of time – sacrificing, brain – drying activities, yet these were made far easier by our oneness as a class. I realized that high school life is nothing but a bittersweet rollercoaster ride I have insurmountably surpassed. Sleepless nights, never – ending tests, and seemingly arduous tasks have been my greatest pillars of foundation that gave me the drive to do unfathomable things. I have watched myself cry out of poignancy and rejoice at my small victories. These are the reasons why I am here today. My academic life continues to become expectedly thought-provoking, but I see this more as a motivation to strive harder. I can not believe that I could happily say that Mathematics is more tolerable as I had learned to show my appreciation. I have witnessed my highs and lows which had given me the determination to positively grow with the flow. I learned that academics are merely grades that do not wholly define the person I am neither the person I will
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