My Personal Experience: My Experience In The Military

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I never realized how my disability would change me, until I was rejected from the military. My mother was addicted to drugs before I was born and during her pregnancy. Therefore, I was born without an eardrum. My mother did not pay much attention to me, so it went unnoticed until I started third grade. Surgery was scheduled the following summer to build a new eardrum. Prior to the surgery, I spent the first few years learning to read the teachers lips and studying at home. Even though surgery went well, later in life the new eardrum they created would not hold and it deteriorated. Throughout my life, I never thought of my hearing loss as a disability. Because of this, it helped me to overcame obstacles and persevere through life. Upon entering high school, I became interested in the military. With graduation rapidly approaching, and my family short on money, the military seemed to be the best option. My step father helped me rank the branches in order of what would suit me best to least. The Coast Guard and Navy were my first options, for my love of water. Water is familiar and calming. Because senior year was starting, I went to the recruiting office and signed up to join the Navy. After completing all the paperwork,…show more content…
My luck finally turned around for the first time in a year, life started looking up. Kolton, who is the relationship I had previously lost, reached out to me. Kolton was always my voice of reason, and generally has the best outlook on life. He joined the Air Force and asked me to be his wife. He promised to always be there for me, even if I was not able to be there for myself. Now I realize that even though I do not wear a uniform, I serve this country in a different way. I am here to help, support, and push him through this journey. I help make his life easier. He is security forces, which means he works long, and stressful hours. I believe that I help alleviate his stress, and help push him to ace his

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