My Personal Experience: My Experience In The English Class

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I was neither able to write, speak nor listen. I couldn’t understand any single word. With my 1% knowledge of English – only knew alphabet, I was a deaf at school. Starting bottom to the top, only able to say “Hello” in May 2011 to getting an A in time essay in AP Literature in December 2015, there have been so many delight and frustration towards my English barrier. I, first, met frustration in 10th grade when I scored D in first essay in my life and it was when I first realized I needed to try harder than what I did in the past. By recommend from my counselor, I decided to take first regular English class in 10th grade; I still got help from ELD class but having regular English class with my 2 years of English knowledge, it was very challenging. Nevertheless, there’s no “give up” in my vocabulary. During class, I could maintain same pace with my classmates by helped from my pink electronic dictionary and at home, I frequently stayed up late to preview the lecture for tomorrow or studying English. As a result, I finished English 10 with A, and the status between my classmates and I totally changed. Instead of I get help from my classmates, they got help from me and many times in during English 11, my teacher frequently used my essays as an example for other 30 students.
With successfully finishing my regular English in 10th and 11th grade, I decided to challenge myself more, without expecting the greatest challenge to come. To prepare for college and to develop my

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