My Personal Experience: My Experience Of Learning English

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My Experience of Learning English
Nowadays, the English education almost starts at the same time of learning the mother tongue. It is because the awareness of the importance of learning English has been increased and it learning English has become compulsory in Korean education system. I started studying English at the age of 10 and have been learning continuously until today. I was taught English in three different countries which are Korea, the Philippines, and the USA. As I’m taking TESOL class now and look back my past experiences of learning English, it makes me think about what are the factors that affected me in learning English and how those factors are playing an important role in learning a language.
I grew up in Korea until I was 13 years old. Back then, English was taught in a very traditional way in a public school. According to the “Traditional vs. Modern Teaching,” traditional class is teacher centered and modern class is student centered. I still remember that I had never asked any questions or say a word in English in class because no other students did so. Also, as stated in “Three Teacher Type,” teachers I had in Korea were all explainer. They always talked for 50 minutes and I listened. Only I considered about was getting a good grade on exams. According to the “Individual Learning Difference,” everyone has different capabilities when learning a language. And teachers should aware of these differences when they teach a language. However, my teachers didn

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