Personal Narrative: My SLS Experience

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My SLS Experience Before SLS, I always felt there weren’t many Catholic college students living out their faith on campus and I was waiting to see at least ten people my age on fire for Christ. During the fall semester, going to Chicago wasn’t my priority but as the date of the conference approached God was slowly making it one. Everything began to fall into place, Focus granted me a scholarship to pay for most of the expenses and one of my best friends was on board with going. So, I acknowledged the signs God was sending me and I said yes! On the 16-hour bus ride to Chicago, I prayed for a change of heart or new perspective and just as He always does, the Lord fully provided. As I walked into the conference hall when we arrived, I finally…show more content…
I knew He was with me and I felt a huge weight on my shoulders that I was taking Him for granted. I was always giving Him pieces of my life and setting aside time for Him but I knew He deserved much more than that. I looked up soaked with tears, I saw people standing with their arms wide open. Our Father was lifting up each one of His children in big or small ways and I had never felt so lucky to be there with Him. We need Him in every moment of our lives, our world needs all of Him. I thought, “If you gave yourself for us, the very least I could do is give you all of myself. I’m done giving you pieces; you deserve all of my life.” As He came closer to me, He filled me with overflowing love and peace, again telling me “You are my beloved daughter.” After completely resting in His arms, the weight lifted and I felt inseparable with my Father. Singing, “Take my life, take all that I am with all that I am I will love you…” As Adoration ended, the whole crew I travelled with began to dance in the aisles, my friend and I screamed with joy for Jesus. We were all free, our loving Father came down and gave us a slice of heaven that night! After this conference, God showed me what true love is and my love story with Him is always growing but He loves me wherever I am. In my journey to surrender my life to Him, I’ve become open to religious life and to what he’s calling me to each day.

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