My Personal Experience: My Experience Of Writing

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I felt it. The rush of words and images through my brain from my first experience with writing. I had felt a feeling of sensation and expression. It was art. My teacher was Mrs. Kunkel who taught communications class, and we had to write a play of some sort regarding emotion and expression through the generalization that is life. It was a thrilling experience, and I had to approach it with a pre-teen mind with actions louder than words. It wasn 't just a writing experience. It was an experience conveyed through the influence of others that impacted myself, and then further expanded into the people I was working with. It was music as a resemblance of my influence. Pen in hand, thoughts ready to process, I began to discuss with my friends of what we were going to act out.
"Well, what if we did something cheerful and happy?" My friend Hunter had suggested, wanting to avoid the act of seriousness; mainly due to the tone of the average middle school student.
"Well, we could, but I feel that would be against what we have been discussing these past few days," Henry had chipped in, due to the previous days of where we went over serious topics in class.
"Perhaps we could go into depth with something serious, after all, a lot of the music I 've been listening to recently talks about concepts of life, so perhaps we could go from that?" I had replied.
Henry agreed with the idea, but Hunter was still worried that we were going to get a bad grade for it since it covered heavy topics
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