Narrative Essay On My First Day Of Work

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So as I sit here on my first day of work. I’m sweating breathing hard and nervous. Why? Because this would be my second in life meaningful job I’ve had that means something to me. I ‘v come a long way from under the table jobs, and hustling days. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always worked, just not where I had anything to show for it or not anything that was future leading. Oh yeah I’ve done door to door sells , department store sells , I just didn’t have in me to complete the task long wise. I wanted get quick work. We as people are taught do this to that, I thought as a child is being aside in an environment and in a world of different thoughts and ideas people of different color (shades of skin) height, language would be a great thing. We can learn from each other.
When does one come to realize their wearing a mask? As for me it’s when I looked into the mirror and didn’t recognize or even like what I was seeing? Having a mask on has helped me get through the tough times and deal with all the things I found heart breaking or just despised. It helped me get out of myself and live a way that was satisfying to me and not care what anyone thought. ( the beats of my own drums) . The fantasy life style is tricky and fun for a few. As for me it was breath taken. Yet it can cause you to loose reality, you get caught up.(
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No one comes to the Father except through me. Now the examples: So with this AA /NA meetings they teach you to say “Hi am an addict and my name” is whatever it Is and start talking , now because it anonymity program I can’t say much but I will say, the mind set of this bothered me. When I was feeling like I was being made to think a way that I didn’t accept and believe in. I shall say the rehabs help me with the underlines conditions. That causes me to do what I do I began to see what I can be and want to be and truly be. Which to me is the source of the problems not the use of controlled

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