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I lived in Vietnam, I had lots of friends, went to a private school, everything was normal my life never changed, there was never anything new in Vietnam and I thought it has been normal. This summer I’m going back to the U.S after 3 years, I thought it was a vacation, little did I know something in my life will change forever.
I lived in a decently large house with my family and 2 wonderful dogs and kind maids, since we have maids all I had to do was do good in school and some (10 hours) random English work that my mom forced on me. The only free time I had was when mom isn't home, but usually school takes up that time. So, only weekends play games, nope we either go to piano, violin and guitar lessons or go to my mom’s company so she can
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The flight took 16 hours, technically 2 days, We’re almost to the shore of California beach, California looks so beautiful from up here, all the light scattered across the ground. We finally got off the plane, my dad which I haven’t seen in years drove us to an apartment, 3 days after Meadowbrook Middle School starts teaching, for those 3 days we went around and eat new food, greet the neighbors. The first day of a new school in years, I’m shy, so I couldn’t make any friends, it was just me and my sister for the few first weeks, during that time I lost all connections with my Vietnamese friends, they all left my group chat and I never knew why. I couldn’t make new friends, I never had to, I was in my old school my whole life, friends come and go, they usually approach my group (the whole class because the school was small) and that’s how I made new friends, but now seeing that I’m the only one without a group, I was scared that they wouldn’t accept me. I start to over exaggerate everything. Few days into school, made a few new friends to talk in CLASS, but outside of class, I knew nobody, all the friend I made already have a group of other people to hang out with that I don’t know. I’m unable to approach anyone and say hi, the only way I can do that is when another friend that I know is with me. I’m going through the whole
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