My Strengths: A Self Analysis

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have always felt this heart aching pain every time I see someone in trouble, feeling down, and etcetera. And I have also felt like a super hero when I am able to make someone happier, even if it is by taking the slightest smile or laugh out of them. Growing up I was not sure why I was like this. A couple of weeks ago, I found out through a strengths assessment in StrengthsQuest that one of my top strengths is empathy. Which makes a lot of sense because I am definitely able to feel the emotions of the people around me. Personally, I believe that everyone on this earth has a purpose for being here. In the past few years, I have discovered that my purpose is to help other people to be happier, and to help…show more content…
At that age, I was not sure of why they did what they did. So one day, I decided to ask my mother why they worked and if it made them happy. She replied with the following cliché quote: “If you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.” Even though I was very young, that quote stayed in my mind throughout the years. When I realized that my life purpose was to help other people to achieve their happiness, I was able to complete an assessment called “Holland’s Career Interest Inventory.” The assessment resulted on two words that related to my career interest: Social and Investigative. On this moment, I realized that my long-term career goal is to have a job in a psychology field. Two of the jobs that interest me the most are as a counselor psychologist, and as criminological psychologist. Both of these jobs are important to me because, I believe that through both of them I will be able to get to people directly and help them more personally. One issue that there could be with my goal is that, there might not be many jobs available in Florida for these two types of psychologists. However, I will not let that alter my goal. As a solution, I will research deeply about jobs available in Florida for these two types of psychologists. And if I am unable to find a good job in these fields, I will research about jobs in these fields that are out of state. I am willing to move out of state in order to be able to complete my dream job because I know that it will help me to achieve my life purpose of helping other people. And because I still have in mind that quote that my mother once told me, and I strongly believe on
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