My Personal Experience Of Education In Russia

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After studying for 4 years in Prague , my personal opinion about education was totally changed. I was born in Russian Federation in year 1991, for 18 years I lived in this country and realized that I needed something more than to be same as main group of people in my city, people who graduate school and study in universities only for diploma, but not for knowledge, it is obvious situation for Russian education. It was a big step for me to leave my motherland to try my ambitions in Europe. In a past time of studying in UNYP, I realized that every door is open for me in future, there is only one think that I need to know: Work hard, and you will receive achievements, and education will helm me to achieve the level that I need. Education in UNYP starts very difficult, but I have a good background in education, after school graduation, I studied for 4 years in Bank Collage in city of Rostov-on-Don, there were some lectures which were similar to UNYP classes, such as Financial Accounting, microeconomic, macroeconomic, management and others. In addition I had different experiences on working places. I am already worked and had practice in different organizations, mainly; I worked in banks as VTB Bank and in government bank of Russian Federation Sberbank. For our study in Bank Collage we needed to have a practice in bank sector, but I had opportunity to work in Sberbank, frankly, I did not really know what I supposed to do on my working place as a professional, all my previous

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