Personal Narrative: Moving To California

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August 12th, 2002 Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. It was a cold and rainy day accompanied by the strong summer winds, it was the day of my birth . As the rain paddled on the windows of the hospital in which my mother was staying in I stayed wrapped up in her arms accompanied by her. Midsummer, Negishi, Japan. 2009. The year before I moved to California, it was during this season that I enjoyed life well, going out often, playing in bamboo forests, going to friends house, the typical life of seven year old. I remember a day during the summer in which I had gone to a friends house to play basketball now typically I don’t do much sports especially at this age asides from the occasional soccer or tennis but at this age I had one particular…show more content…
When I entered third grade I felt some discrimination due to my race since you know how kids are not knowing any better so I didn’t particularly feel good there, this continued on till 6th grade where once in middle school I stayed in the library this was not particularly a good idea for my social skills, I didn’t open up till 7th grade where I joined the school’s choir however it was a bit odd considering since I was still in a emo phase honestly it seems ridiculous as of now, I stayed there till December of 2015 where I moved to the dreaded state of South Carolina, much different from the more liberal area of prior residence. When I came South Carolina I at first attended Macedonia middle school where in which my grades were hurt due to the different curriculums, I never fully adapted to the school, but neither did I have to spend more time at the school because thankfully I was able to transfer to Berkeley Middle in which I stayed for the rest of year, although the graduation was less than luck luster where in comparison to my prior middle school in california where in which students were adorned with a proper ceremony as well as gowns to walk in, which far outshone the simple shake of the hand and walking across
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