My Personal Experience: Transferring To PLU

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Transferring to PLU has been one of the major decisions I had ever made for myself. PLU was my first initial choice, but I was afraid of being in debt, considering that PLU is a private university. Towards the end of my summer vacation, after I graduated from high school, I had second thoughts about UW and had decided to transfer schools last minute. Instead, I decided to stick with UW because I was already enrolled, and I thought I could pull through with my decision. Evidently, my decision to transfer remained the same once I had gone through one quarter at UW. I had called PLU after 2 weeks of my Fall quarter to keep my option to transfer available, and just my luck, PLU accepted me again without having to reapply. Now, PLU became my final…show more content…
These qualities are important to me because they have been revealed through my strong work ethic and I have used these qualities to define me. My personal resources to help me graduate is knowing my sense of identity. Therefore, I will have to continue to love and care for my well-being because college requires a lot of independency. I will have to practice making smart choices with regards to my education as a priority. And I must remind myself that I am capable of doing things when my mind attempts to tell me that I cannot. These qualities require a strong growth mindset and I hope to develop one when continuing to pursue my education as learning gets difficult. Therefore, by developing a growth mindset and the use of these qualities, this will help me…show more content…
I know I can rely on my friends and family. They will help me at PLU by being supportive of me to graduate college. My high school college advisors and mentors are always there to remind me of my strengths as a student. They will help me at PLU to graduate because they all want me to succeed and they’ve seen me flourish into an independent person from the very beginning. I know I can find resources to help me at PLU also. The advisors here at PLU are easy to get in contact with and they will help me by guiding me to succession when I’m lost with where my major is headed. They will also make sure that I am on track to graduate on time. The library can also help me at PLU by helping me succeed academically with their resources. Thankfully when I lose sense of my identity, I know I can find resources within my Tacoma community and PLU community because they would love and feel satisfied to see my grow and be a part of my college experience.
Overall, I am thankful for PLU for giving me another chance to pursue my education here. My experience at PLU as a new student started out great and I can’t wait to experience more and get involved with the PLU community. I want to succeed at PLU as well as build connections with other people. I can’t wait to see what PLU has in store for
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