My Personal Goal

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My personal goal for the next five years is to become a teacher for the deaf students. There are three steps I must accomplish in sequence to achieve by obtaining Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education, seeking internship position, and to find a school where I would be a Special Education teacher. While pursuing my personal goal as the teacher, it takes me four years to complete my steps before I can perform to teach for the deaf students. Without following those steps, there is no way for me to be qualified for being teacher to deaf students.
Obtaining Bachelor 's Degree in Special Education, I am required to complete the courses in four years. While taking the courses, I need to maintain GPA of 2.75 or higher in core classes and a “C” or better in a program of study courses. Additionally, my desire for the educational goal is to study hard and earn Dean’s List every semester. The best way to stay focused is not to let other things in my social life distract me. The time management is essential for me to concentrate on every assignment and study hard to pass every course in order to get Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education field.
Once I have obtained Bachelor’s Degree, I will seek the internship position to prepare myself as a future teacher for the deaf students. During the internship, I am
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I truly believe that being a teacher, I can make a huge impact in deaf students’ life by displaying what I am capable of. Therefore, those deaf students can look up to me as their role model, knowing they can be a better person by reaching their goals and dreams. I strongly believe in achieving those goals in my life so I could become a stronger influence in deaf students’ life. Now this is what motives me more by studying harder and reminding myself that I can make a huge difference in deaf students’ life. This is a good way to encourage those deaf students to have a hope and know they can do it when they get
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