My Personal Goals In My Life

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All my life, I have always done every task I’ve been given to my highest capability. It is always my goal to produce quality work and to do my best. Getting excellent grades and maintaining a high GPA is a part of my life that I prioritize. Education is essential, and I am always challenging myself with rigorous courses. Striving to achieve my dream career of becoming a psychologist, I have made it imperative to do activities to enhance my passion for helping people. It 's crucial to partake in activities that ensure my personal growth, such as Students for Social Justice. Groups like these open my eyes to perceive the world in a new perspective, and it motivates me to want to make a change in this world. I truly believe that my place in society is in any position that will allow me to help the utmost people possible. I am from an immigrant family, and I hold my culture and family values to me dearly. My parents did not have the same opportunities that I have, and this motivates me to make the most of the opportunities I 'm given. I hope that I will make something of myself and that this organization will help me grow not only as a student but as an individual.

Because I have a passion for justice, I believe it sets me apart. I 've always want equality in our society and this trait encourages me to have a deep compassion for everyone I encounter. Due to this, I am always willing to understand diverse people, which makes me a strong leader. Understanding people drives me to

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