My Personal Goals Of Time Management

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“Time management refers to the way that you organize and plan how long you spend on specific activities or the process of organizing and planning your time”. It will enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of our lives. Time management strategies can be used to keep work load under control, to reduce the stress level and to increase the quality of work we do.

As a student at Swinburne, my main goal is to obtain a degree in business management with a first class within the next 3 years. In the meantime I would like to make more friends, be socialize and live independently. However, the immediate goal that I have is to pass all the 4 subjects at the end of my first semester. I have only 24 hours per day to achieve all above and
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The survey reflected I was good in prioritizing what needs to be done, managing interruptions and scheduling the time while I should improve in goal setting and procrastination as I got very low marks for those sections.

When it comes to myself, always I felt goal setting is a waste of time and effort. I avoided making plans for the future. After my high school I followed many academic and professional pathways because I did not have a proper goal in my life. I ended up wasting my time and paying for several institutes for a none valuable gain. On the other hand often I preferred to procrastinate things. In my school time I felt I should have more time to complete assignments, presentations and projects. But unknowingly I came to deadlines with loads of stress in my mind.

After learning time management as a topic under Business communication unit, I started searching and developing few time management strategies to manage my
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Without a proper goal I do not know where am I going. When I planned what is my destination then I can make the path according to the intention. I break large goals into manageable parts which should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. As an example if I want to get a higher distinction for a subject at the end of this semester I should score very high marks for the all assignments under that subject which will consider for the final grade.

After few weeks from the time I started practicing time management strategies I tried the previous survey again. It offered me 54 marks out of 75. I got more stars for goal setting and procrastination than previous attempt. Obviously it reflects there is an improvement of my time management skills. It should be due to the time management strategies I chose and used during the past few weeks. I would like to continue and permanently engage those strategies which helps me to manage my time effectively and ultimately to enjoy my
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