Personal Narrative: My Personal Leadership Philosophy

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Rost (1993) describes leadership as the power and value laden relationship between leaders and followers who intend to attain shared purposes and common goals. Making reference to the notion of leadership and what a leader is envisaged to be, Charlton (1993) described a leader as a person who exhibits a positive attitude towards attainment of goals and sees himself or herself as responsible for actions needed to achieve the same goals. On the other hand, Griffin (1990) describes a leader as someone who can influence and shape the behaviour of his followers without using any form of force. My personal leadership philosophy therefore, entails that leadership is a process whereby myself as a leader utilises my leadership authority in guiding and directing my followers towards the attainment of the organisational goal.
First and foremost I believe that my personal leadership philosophy is embedded in various factors and the very first one being fully understanding myself as who I am as a person. I believe that knowing my self fully will make it easier for me to direct my followers towards the achievement of the organisational goal. I also believe that knowing my self will make me
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As a leader I try by all means to provide a moral health atmosphere in the organisation. I also believe that it is my responsibility as a leader to make sure that ethical decisions are reinforced within the organisation. I also believe that as a leader it is my responsibility to develop an organisation climate which promotes ethical conduct by employees. I also believe that the success of the organisation entirely depend on the moral behaviour that I portray as a leader and the type of decisions I make. I also embody a number of quality and characteristics such as courage, being fair and firm and I have a quest for social
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