My Personal Narrative

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My Personal Narrative

It was the beginning of last year when I’m being in the second semester of my sophomore year. My teacher Ms. Mirzanschall finally came back from her maternity leave and was ready to teach us. Unfortunately in our case We were wasn 't fully at the certain level, she wanted us to be at that time. Prior to her leaving I gained a B average in her class so I was pretty pleased with my grade and her student teacher Mr. Wu was cool too. In the first week of her arrival, she tested us on stuff that was more advanced than we imagined. I tend to use my same methods that Mr. Wu taught us and It led me to failure. I was devastated. I tried really hard on her quizzes , homework and examens and i couldn 't get it . I wanted to quit so I slowly led into a path of
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I never knew an F would put me in a dark place. I usually find happiness in everything but this is F represented on how society looks at me. If I’m not a genius then I 'm stupid. I was always the smart kid in class so giving me this F was like a love one was telling me I don 't matter. The worst thing about this was telling my parents. I was the golden kid who got straight A’s and didn 't go to my neighborhood school so when they saw this F was a slap in their face. My mom seemed pretty mad at me, but my dad surprised me. He said he was the brightest kid growing up so when he’s happy that I turned out so smart, but sometimes I have taken my failures as reminders that i 'm still human and not a piece of machinery. I completely felt better after he said that . I never felt more encouraged to do anything in my life besides that moment. Soon after he gave me that pep talk then I turned in all my latest work and then asked for extra credit the next morning. I explained to Ms. Mirzanschall about what happened and she offered tutoring . I tried my hardest on each one. Not all of them were winners but I didn 't ended up with an F. It made me realized I can 't be good
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