Graff's Book Report

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When I was growing up, I wanted to do whatever I could do to be the best. Whether it took me hours or days to practice, I practiced until I was the best. If someone was to do something better than me, I would go home and become an expert at it so I could beat them the next day. Never knew why I acted like this, maybe it was because my dad was into sports, or maybe because I had a little brother that was also talented. I had to show him who was the bigger brother. Baseball is another big part of why I grew up to be so competitive. Losing is not an option in my book. Being able to win was my way of entertainment. It cheered me up and put a smile on my face. Growing up being able to play and do whatever I wanted was the best gift I could’ve asked…show more content…
I think it was either second or third grade when I got assigned my first book to read. This also came with a book report. Thinking to myself, “I wish I didn’t have to do this.” Graff had the same experience in my mind. We both weren’t motivated to read, just didn’t like doing it. Knowing I needed to good on this assignment I read the book and continued with doing the book report, I was not motivated all at to do it but I did it because I knew I needed to keep my good grades. Once my first book report was assigned, we had more and more to do every week. It changed every week though, one week we got to pick the book and the other weeks, the teacher picked the book. My first book I chose was a baseball book. It was called The Littlest Leaguer by Syd Hoff. This book really stood out to me because it was kind of like me. I was one of the smallest kids on my baseball team when I was younger. This book had a very book story line to it, it was all about a young kid that was the smallest and worst on the team. But, that didn’t stop him from trying his best. The story kept getting more and more intense. Finally, little Harold steps up and comes in clutch for his team. This book, having the interesting story that it did, still didn’t put me on good terms with reading. Reading this book gave me a great indication on what type of reader I was. Being only a little kid, this book took me weeks to finish. Always procrastinating, and finding ways to get out of it. The type of reader I would describe myself when I first started reading was sluggish. Having this issue, I got put into an “extra help” reading class. This class didn’t amuse me, it actually made my day worse every time I had to go. Having this class made me dislike reading even more. The teacher made me read books I didn’t want to, which took it to another level. Being in this class for almost the whole year really opened my eyes, it made me want to
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