My Personal Nursing Philosophy

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“A philosophy of nursing presents a particular professional nurse’s belief system or worldview of nursing the nurse’s personal definition of nursing” (Kearney-Nunnery, 2012, p. 17). My personal nursing philosophy is one in which the patients overall health, including emotional and spiritual needs are being met. This is done through collaborative care with the patient, physicians and colleagues. The collaboration must obtain effective communication within every interaction. I believe the exchanges between every member must be open and honest, that builds a relationship centered in trust. I believe that every life is important no matter race or religion and each individual should be given equal care. The care given must rationale and anchored…show more content…
All of which can be used to help develop my practice as a nurse. One theory I have begun to utilize in my practice, are those of the adult learner. “In today’s teaching and learning environments, knowledge, understanding, and incorporation of strategies to address diverse adult learning styles are crucial to success” (Decelle & Sherrod, 2011, p. 574). This theory has helped me to understand how the nurse/patient relationships, psychological state, along with the environment in which learning takes place effects the understanding of information received by the patient. Next, the concept model that has helped to mold my thinking as a nurse, is that of Betty Neuman. “The Neuman System Model proposes that the client is a system in constant interaction with intra-, inter-, and/or extra-personal phenomena” (Skalski, DiGerolamo, & Gigliotti, 2006, p. 70). The phenomena is stress. The model shows how stress effects the individual, both internal and external factors. By understanding how these factors affect the patient I am able to care for the patient better. Another concept I have learned from the text is how to be an effective communicator within the context of a group. “Clear and appropriate communication is essential for providing effective nursing care and presents a unique challenge to nurses today” (Kearney-Nunnery, 2012, p. 109). I am charge nurse most of my shifts. Knowing how to be an effective communicator can help in having a good working relationship with all colleagues. Overall, this course has been very beneficial to my advancing my
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