My Personal Philosophy Of Classroom Management In School

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Introduction Personal Philosophy
Good order is essential in a school if children are to be able to fulfil their learning potential. In the classroom, disruptive behaviour not only reduces children’s ability to concentrate and absorb information, but also unsettles children and causes immense stress for teachers. While the problem of classroom management in the school setting needs to be addressed, the definition of classroom management must be established. “Classroom management refers to all of the things that a teacher does to organize students, space, time and materials so that the student learning can take place” (Wong & Wong, 2005, p.84).
As an educator codes of ethics which serves to guide meaningful conduct should include being honest, trustworthy and engaging in lifelong learning. I personally believe children should be treated as if they are your own, if any child comes to school looking sad immediate attempts must be made to find out what is the cause .As a teacher one needs to be aware of learning, motivation, behavior, and development theories in order to relate to my students and push them to reach their full potential. It is the duty of the teacher to see that all the students are being motivated; this is only fair to the students. They deserve one time and full attention in regards to their education.
One also wants to create a classroom that is a safe learning environment for all. If students do not feel safe in the classroom, whether it is
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