My Personal Philosophy Of Leadership

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Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes and there are many opinions on what makes a good leader. In my opinion, leadership is defined as a person who inspires others to act in a manner that is systematic of success. This success can be in many different forms such as personal success, team based success, mission success, etc. Leadership comes from people who truly inspire, and do not simply manage. The principles of good leadership according to different leaders may vary, but are often centered on character traits which too can vary. My personal leadership philosophy is centric around what opportunities and possibilities I can find that will allow me to help affect change at a more executive level for the organization in order to make every attempt to make our organization better as a whole.…show more content…
Additionally, I have seen leaders who think they are managers who are truly leaders. Managers manage things. Leaders lead people. Numerous people have had an impact on my personal leadership philosophy both good and bad. Bad leaders seem to somehow get others to do things but it is not from a personal power that convinces people to follow them. It can be from fear, understanding the art of persuasion, or even simply positional power. Good leaders on the other hand seem to be contagious people who truly think about others, the organization, and where we all can go. They treat others with dignity and respect seeming to always look towards what they can do to help. When making promises, true leaders always follow through which helps them to gain credibility, and helps build respect and
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