Personal Experience: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Philosophy, as stated by Black (2017), “is a set of beliefs about the nature of how the world works. A nursing philosophy begins to put together some or all concepts of the metaparadigm” (Black, 2017, p. 177). According to the text, a nurses’ philosophy should consist of their values, beliefs, and attitudes and applied to the metaparadigms of nursing. My personal philosophy of nursing, which describes what nursing means to me, is based on the nursing metaparadigm concepts of person, environment, health and nurse. The main ideas that revolve around my personal nursing philosophy include an empathetic and holistic approach of care for all patients. How I began to develop my personal philosophy of nursing began with self-reflection to determine…show more content…
Based on the nursing concepts I have learned so far, a nurse’s main focus is primarily on their patients along with their patients emotional, physical and psychological needs. When it comes to patients, it is important to remember each person possesses different physiological and psychological makeup. Also, every person is unique, dynamic, and multidimensional to a certain aspect, thus requiring a different course of action to be taken by a competent nurse. Which is why I believe that nurses should try to adopt a holistic approach in caring for patients because of the interrelatedness of all the…show more content…
My philosophy of health is that it is a state of wellbeing, in which a person can function independently, and it does not necessarily mean it is the absence of an illness. This is similar to how the World Health Organization (WHO) defines health within the professional nursing text. In my opinion, health is more about the quality of life that can be provided. How a person experience of health in their environment, or absence of health, can be considered a reflection of the whole person, which connects the metaparadigm concept of health firmly with the metaparadigms of person and environment (Marchuk, 2014). My belief is that nurses should consider all a patient’s subsystems and the environment in which they live into to determine if the patient may be able achieve health as defined in our textbook. For example, people living areas during periods of social unrest and government chaos, most likely lack a lot of internal and external resources to be able to manage their health. As future nurses I believe we must keep in mind that there are different degrees of health and we should build trust with our patients, one way to do that is to respect the cultural values and beliefs of our patients. In my belief, an overall physical and psychological wellness of a patient is what I consider important aspects of their
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