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Philosophy, as stated by Black (2017), “is a set of beliefs about the nature of how the world works. A nursing philosophy begins to put together some or all concepts of the metaparadigm” (Black, 2017, p. 177). According to the text, a nurses’ philosophy should consist of their values, beliefs, and attitudes and applied to the metaparadigms of nursing. My personal philosophy of nursing, which describes what nursing means to me, is based on the nursing metaparadigm concepts of person, environment, health and nurse. The main ideas that revolve around my personal nursing philosophy include an empathetic and holistic approach of care for all patients. How I began to develop my personal philosophy of nursing began with self-reflection to determine…show more content…
In his theory he argues that while a person aims to meet their basic physiologic needs, they seek to meet successively higher needs in the form of a hierarchy in the order of safety, belonging, esteem, and self-actualization on top (Black, 2017, p. 155). Although Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is based on basic human needs, I believe that it is a useful organizational framework that can be used to assess a patient, strengths, limitations, and the need for nursing interventions. An example of this framework in use, could be a terminally ill patient that is in isolation. The nurse should use their understandings of the need for autonomy and physiology to provide appropriate care for the patient and their family in accordance with their needs, in this case, possibly emotional and psychological distress from their illness and isolation. I believe that nurses can transform patients’ lives by empowering them to take an active role in managing their health. As I am learning, it is apparent that patients should be open systems, and that they are constantly changing in mutual process along with an ever-changing…show more content…
To simply put it, the overall health of a person may be determined by their environment, which nurses play an important role in. The nursing metaparadigm is integrated with other metaparadigms to approach patient care the most therapeutic way. Going back again to the terminal ill patient, I can say that nurses use their own values, beliefs, and philosophies to help the patient. The one thing I can definitively conclude is the nursing metaparadigm is unique for each individual nurse as noted by the multiple theorists presented within the principles of nursing textbook. In my opinion, nursing is a respectable profession which focuses on the care of a whole person, including all their subsystems, to provide quality care. Some core values and belief that I believe I share with nurses include: honesty, kindness, patients, and a commitment to lifelong learning and I try my best to include these values into every decision I

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