My Personal Strengths Assessment

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Were you surprised by the strengths identified? Overall, I was not surprised by the strengths identified after completing the assessment. The five strengths identified included: achiever, learner, focus, restorative, and futuristic. The one theme that did surprise me was the result, restorative. After reading the explanation as to why I received this as strength, I agree restorative can be considered a strength of mine and I would never have considered this a strength before this assessment. I am not surprised I got received learner, achiever, and focus. I believe all of these strengths are required when working in the nursing healthcare field. My plan is To become a Family Nurse Practitioner by the age of twenty-seven. To reach this goal …show more content…

The explanation provided assisted me with understanding why I each strength was identified. For example, I was uncertain about my result restorative, by going into greater detail on this result, I was able to understand the concept better. After reviewing “Your Personalized Strengths Insight” (Gallup, n.d.,) section, I do believe restorative can be a personal strength for me. My personal results explained the reason I received the theme restorative for my strength stating, “You are motivated when your results are compared to those of others. This is one reason you routinely incorporate self-improvement activities into your life. It’s very likely that you usually pay more attention to your shortcomings than your strong points. You customarily devote yourself to overcoming your limitations.” (Gallup, n.d., p. 5). This statement is very true; I am a very motivated individual, and I am always trying to better myself. I am a person that does not focus on my strengths, but on my weaknesses that I need to improve. Overall, I feel this assessment was accurate, and I was not surprised by the strengths

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