The Prince Moral Analysis

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As a young child, I picked up many things from my parents. One of those things includes my personal morals. I would say that my parents did an exceptional job at allowing me to figure out my identity because they allowed me to develop a moral sense that helps me decipher right from wrong. I think that their words and lessons taught me how to be a functional part of society. In The Prince, Machiavelli discusses that a prince should be generous, feared, and always keep his word. The statements mentioned by Machiavelli are words of advice for the prince to be as successful as possible during his time ruling. Although I myself am not a prince, I can analyze these statements using my own morals, which align with Machiavelli's point of view.
When needed, the prince must take action to procure money, which could be done through raising tax prices excessively. According to Machiavelli, “This will begin to make him hateful to his subjects and, if he becomes impoverished, he will be held in low regard by everyone” (55). By this, I think he means that if the prince has not developed a good relationship with his people, he will not be accepted when he must make decisions that affect them. This leaves room for hatred in the hearts of those who are supposed to be loyal to their ruler. Moreover, he believed the prince should be generous to his people whenever he
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Due to my moral sense, I think generosity, fear, and honesty should all be held in high regard by the prince. However, I do not think dishonesty is the best way to handle decision making. I think the people have the right to know how and what the prince is doing in their favor. I do understand that there are things that should be kept private for safety reasons, but I think honesty is a great way to show you respect another individual. The prince must keep his reputation while keeping in mind that the people depend on
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