My Personal Values

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Part One: Personal Values My personal values, in order of importance, are respect, loyalty, fairness, poise, and trustworthiness. Respect is the starting point of each relationship I currently have and my future relationships. I believe that each person deserves respect, to a certain degree, even before you build on that relationship with said person. In turn, giving respect to my peers and subordinates, from the very beginning, should have positive effects on my relationships with these people. I hold this value in the highest regard amongst my list of values. Next, loyalty is building trust and rapport with individuals to the point where they want to make you proud with every action or task that is within their control. As a leader, loyalty is something my subordinates can exhibit to me and something I can also exhibit to them. In certain circumstances, I may face a situation where I may have to stand up for my airmen, and remain loyal and true to them. I have had a leader do this for me before and because of that I think it speaks volumes about a person’s character while remaining loyal to their people in the midst of hardship. Additionally, I consider fairness an important value of mine. Practicing fairness allows for me, as a supervisor, to evaluate each airman on like tasks while allowing them to take turns displaying their leadership skills. Practicing fairness will give integrity to my leadership style because I will not be seen as a biased leader. Furthermore,
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