My Personal Writing: My First Writing Experience

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My first writing experience I can remember is from elementary school. I was in the 3rd grade and my librarian asked me to write her a short book because she used to hear me tell my friends stories. At first, I wondered why would she assigned me this hard task. I didn’t know what to write about. I went home and began looking for inspiration for my story. At this time it was Halloween and I wrote a thriller novel. I wrote about a group of students being stuck in the school library and its a killer in the school. One by one each student would disappear without a trace until it was two students left and one of them was the killer. The librarian was so impressed with my story that she entered my book in the young author's contest. I won 1st place at my school and I was so proud. I never thought I could finish the assignment, let alone win the contest.From then I began writing stories on my computer and telling my friends and family. People loved how much detail I would add to my stories, all the twists and turns they had. The joy I had with writing lessened away the older I got.…show more content…
We had to explain the war and conditions we were facing. This is one of the first times when I had to write about a specific topic. I was frustrated and I hadn't even written the first sentence. I had to make an outline and research things to add to my letter. The writing process was too long for my liking. My teacher gave me a C on the paper. She said I was too wordy and I didn't answer the question fully. I was crushed. Writing used to be so fun when I could be creative. She kept giving explanation papers and I kept getting C’s. I just knew writing was not the thing for me

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