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Personal Writing My writing is basically plain and simple, almost as if my writing process can becompared to a normal routine in my everyday lifestyle. For example, when I write a paper I am always leaning toward the basic five paragraph strategy which is the main paragraph, three supporting paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph. Just lie every morning when I wae up I getdressed, brush my teeth, and feed my dogs. !fter putting some thought toward my writing process, I begin to reali"e that I always have the tendency to do what feels most comfortable tome. !lways having some ind of complications when it came to me having to be involved withany type of writing procedure, these ongoing issues has led to complications in my everydaylife. I am…show more content…
Most of my writing struggle#s start with me staring at a blan page trying to thin of how or even what I am going to write down. I believe the correct term for this issue is $writers# bloc.% I have found out that using a piece of paper to write down my random thoughts and ideas that come to mind seem to help me with getting some in on the blan pagethat sits in front of me. For some reason when I see the paper full of my thoughts I begin torelax, and this allows me to start building some confidence toward writing. When I feel I haveenough info I can use to get my writing process rolling, I start writing my draft not stopping tothin about my spelling, punctuation or grammar. Without this prewriting strategy, I would nothave a strong outline to use for my draft paper. &nderstanding many different techni'ues I believe will help with me getting over my fear of writing. I (ust do not have a lot of interestwhen it comes to writing down my thoughts and feelings on paper, which is the main reasonwhy I am hesitant when it…show more content…
I feel as if I choose to stay away from writing because I do not feel confident in my writing abilities. *ow, if I had a little better idea on how a strong sentence is structured together, I would feel more confident with my writing abilities. ! ma(or reason why I am not confident with my writing abilities is because I tend to have a problem with where to put the correct punctuation and also nowing when to end a sentence. It ishard nowing that my writing is not at its strong point, but I am willing to tae any chance that isgiven to me, to strengthen my writing process. With that being said, it is a little obvious that writing is not one of my strong points. I need to enhance my confidence on improving my writing abilities because I believe confidence plays an important role with being able to completeany important tas. +o with me not being confident with my writing abilities I tend to hesitate when it comes to me having to illustrate my thoughts and feelings. !s I write this paper I do feel accomplished by finishing this assignment, but I have not reached the level of confidence I feel I need. I (ust tend to have an issue with overthining, instead of (ust taing action and putting a paper together as if I have been writing my entire life. +ometimes, I feel as if I did not put enough thought and effort into my whole writing process. When I begin to write I begin to have nervousness or even anxiety before even starting my
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