My Personality Assessment

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The write-up conducted by Jaclyn Mihal provided an excellent experience in that I was able to read and analyze another person’s perspective on myself. This is essential in that you can learn what people see in you, and oftentimes this includes information that you refuse, or cannot, see in yourself. Overall, Jaclyn’s write-up of my personality assessment and demographic information was correct, in my opinion. She mentions that I am a driven, positive, friendly person who is in touch with my feelings. Jaclyn also said that she believes that I prize values and morality, which is true. I pride myself on all of these things, and I strive to become a better person every day. She also mentioned that I seem to have a very supportive, loving family,…show more content…
For example, I do play an instrument, but not very well, and not in public, which is why I believe that my artistic rating was low. I also think this could be related to low self-confidence in this area of my life, as my friends say that I am actually a great guitar player. I also respectfully disagree with her on my extraversion rating, as I feel that I do many activities with my family and close friends that I have around me. I do not feel that extraversion should be solely determined by how much you adventure outside of your circle, but instead by how much you do with those in your circle. However, this could be due to the assessment’s limitations itself, as I feel that the formula the IPIP-NEO uses to achieve results in this category could be based in large part in how many friends you have, which I feel is simply not true. You could have a large number of friends, but these friends could leave you out of doing things with them. This could also be a wrong interpretation by myself, though, and I am perfectly content with keeping my circle of friends around me because they are very loving and supportive of my life. As for other weaknesses in Jaclyn’s assessment, I could not find any. Her analysis of me is largely accurate, so I feel she did an excellent job with her
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