My Philosophy Of Basketball

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The dynamics of a game of basketball very well correspond with the adversities I faced, hurdles I overcame and achievements I made in life. On my first experience as a professional player, with the entire stadium packed with players, coaches and basketball lovers I became extremely nervous and missed a couple of shots. The shots I missed cost my team dear and made me so apprehensive that I could not even attempt another basket. However nebulous it might seem but it was this and many such experiences that played a vital role in making me the individual that I am. Playing basketball for more than a decade, I have come to realise that sports offer a great metaphor for life. Being a team sport, basketball has not only helped me learn to co-ordinate with others but it has also taught me the importance of taking initiatives and leading whenever necessary. During my law graduation, I have been actively involved in organizing and initiating student-run programmes which helped me acquire leadership and teamwork skills. Being a regular participant at debates and moot court competitions, I pioneered a Moot Court Initiative at my university with the desire to inculcate the culture of mooting within my juniors. I am also an active member of Debating Society which organises regular debating sessions for students, and orientation and practise sessions for the freshmen. In a game of basketball, each time a team gets the possession of the ball it is an opportunity to take a shot and score
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