My Philosophy Of Classroom Management

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As an educator, I am committed to providing students with a safe and comfortable yet challenging environment to maximize opportunities for interaction and learning. As a group of adolescents, students have a natural disposition to behave in disruptive manners. What I believe is the key to tackling these behavior is creating a classroom management plan that is developmentally responsive. For a classroom to be developmentally appropriate it must be governed with particular elements that do not control children, but rather lead them through the learning process. Managing a classroom as a dictator makes students feel uncomfortable and unsafe. To refrain from managing my classroom in this style, I plan to manage as an authoritative and backbone…show more content…
Rules are significant because they help install academic integrity and scholarly values into students. Time spent establishing and reviewing policies for the classroom is not instruction time wasted, being that without the policies implemented the instruction will likely have little value because the students are not being managed properly to instill proper learning. When developing rules, I feel as if it is necessary to include student input. While I think this is only beneficial to an extent and to have the teacher as the executive decision maker, I think it is vital to my classroom management plan. For students to be able to collaborate in the rulemaking process shows that their voices are not only heard but valued in your classroom, which provides them with an enriching environment. In regards to managing my classroom using rewards and punishments, I believe that they can be beneficial to an extent for students. The overuse of rewards or punishments conditions them rather than intrinsically motivates them. If students are always being punished, they are only behaving in fear of consequence. When punishments are used in moderation, students are able to comprehend the reasoning behind the repercussions of their actions, and will then be more inclined to behave based upon their full understanding rather than the superficial conditioning…show more content…
Students must have the opportunity to cooperate with their peers while also learning effectively. By having the students in small groups in rows all facing the front of the classroom, the students are able to collaborate with each other while also having no obstructions in their line of sight to the front of the classroom where work will be displayed and instruction will take place. The forward facing desks allow students’ full attention to be on the instruction in front of them, which induces less distraction. By also having these small groups it enables me as the instructor to easily maneuver and observe students working without being overwhelmed by a large group of students in an array of seating
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