My Philosophy Of Coaching

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Coaching philosophy defines how I set my career and how my team performs in practices and competitions. The coaching philosophy ensures that each team member is given a responsibility to enable the team to perform well. My coaching philosophy will grow depending on the situation and experiences I am faced with when the team is practicing or in competitive situations. Understanding and coaching a member of the team at individual level determines how good the team is going to perform. My coaching philosophy must be ethical to help me as a coach to always put players first (Simon, 2013).
Ever since I was young, my biggest dream has been to coach a football team. I understand that being a coach entails much skills and knowledge in
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Moreover, leading a team to victory is one of my goals. My major function as a coach is to transform a poor performing team to a better performing team. My behavior is being disciplined, and I believe that if a team has discipline, it can achieve great results. Also, being a coach makes me happy. Being happy as a coach determines the success of my football team. The main reason for being a coach is to facilitate football development and to achieve my coaching objectives. As a coach, I have several goals I intend to achieve. Interacting with my team members and understanding them is one of the features, which will make me a good coach. Listening and understanding team members view of things will make me a better…show more content…
Also, coaching philosophy enables a coach to define their coaching objectives, to be organized and to establish their rules that govern the team. Building and nurturing my team members is one of my key objective in becoming a successful coach. Being able to handle the team at an individual level is important in making a team successful.
My personality greatly influences the success of my football team. What I believe in and my set objectives will determine whether the team I am managing will become successful or not. The coaching style that I will use in my coaching philosophy is cooperative style. This is because this coaching style blends with my personality.
I believe that if each team member becomes discipline and responsible, our team will achieve greatness. In addition, our team will become a winning team, and everybody will be happy including the fans. Players learning to put their differences aside and work as a team is critical in the team development. Also, I need to be very updated on what makes my team perform
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