Personal Reflective Essay: What Makes A Good Leader?

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“Leadership is a combination of competence and character. One needs to be competent to accomplish things. With positive attitudes and characters, one must be resilient to weather the storms in bringing out the best in people and achieving goals through motivation, inspiration and empowerment.” Several factors were taken into consideration while constructing my leadership philosophy as above. I believe that one needs to really understand herself first before meeting her fullest potential as a leader. Many of my values are resulted from my childhood experiences which shaped me to who I am today. Personally I am more inclined to transformational approach to leadership which values a two-way communication and collaboration with staff to work towards…show more content…
I chose to believe that we are capable of controlling our happiness in life. Despite all those tests, life moved on and turned out positive. Today, I am a mother of two lovely boys who is happily married to an amazing man. Also, I have a career that I love and allows me to reach my potential. I chose to believe that there is still true love in this world. I was able to overcome the negative parts of my life probably because of preventive factors like family members who cares for me and happy events that happened throughout my…show more content…
She understood that the importance of honest, open conversations which encourages discussions, reasoning and decision making. In return, I always confide in her for advices. This is vital and can be apply in workplace. If one can create a working environment with open communication and trust, I believe it will raise the emotional aspect of all staff as they felt more involved and engaged in work and decision-making process. Furthermore, trust will be established as staff need a leader who is willing to listen to their needs and has their best interest at heart (Marotz & Lawson, 2007). There are more characters or qualities to be a leader as it is difficult to name the exact few. However, a person who is able to bring positive changes to the organization or people is one who has the quality to be

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