Personal Narrative: My Philosophy In My Life

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This philosophy is commonly used by youngsters all around the world. I think this is an important philosophy as it always remind us that life is extremely short and we should live our life to the fullest because we only live once. Many teenagers like myself will apply this philosophy when we are trying out new things. This motivate us to do extreme activities or take some risk to complete a task. In my life, I have applied this philosophy in two separate occasion. Firstly, when I was thirteen I achieved my first ever parachute jump. Secondly, when I was fourteen I played truancy in school by climbing over the school fence.
When I was thirteen I achieved my first ever parachute jump. I was a young boy who was afraid of heights ever since I was born. Whenever I travel overseas by plane, I could not help but to feel nauseous and at times cry like a three month old baby. That was how scared I am when I am high above the ground. In 2013, I travelled to Brisbane, Australia with my family members. My family members knew that I do not go along well with heights. Despite knowing that fact, they insisted to participate in parachuting and bought tickets for everyone. At first I was
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During my teenage years in school I was not a rebellious student but a playful one. I was the class clown and every time I make a joke in class, the whole class would start laughing. At times, teachers were not happy with my behaviour in class. However, I always do my work promptly with quality and they were pleased with my results. On the 25th of March 2014, it was the day where a famous English pop band was in town and would be performing a concert that afternoon. My parents were against me of purchasing the concert tickets. Luckily I have saved enough to buy a ticket. No one knew that I had the ticket in possession and my plan of skipping school that day. I was dying to see them and planned an escape out of
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