My Plans For The Future Essay

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The plan of my life
Grow up!. Growing up is the thing most of us want as kids but wish to go back as adults. When adulthood comes, it comes with many responsibilities. I normally don’t like to make exact plans for the future , but once graduation gets closer and closer I have found myself making plans. My plans consist of savings, living in a budget, credit but above all making decisions about college.
My parents have always talk about how important is managing money correctly. one of the first lessons I was tough was to save. During my first years my parents gave me a piggy bank which allowed me to start saving at a very early age. I still continue to save as much as possible. At the time I starting saving my friends told be that that was worthless because I would not buy as much candy as they did. Now I have grown into the habit of saving as much as possible.
I have also experience the feeling of living on a budget. Do to my past
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In todays society a college degree can open many opportunities than otherwise would not be available. Student loans seem normal and well received by everyone it seems, maybe just the person that has to pay it back is the only one that sees it as a very big mistake. The student loans might seem as a big mistake because of the amount of interest rates . Many people grow up with the feeling that buying things on credit is fine, because ultimately if you are asking for a student loan you are buying your dedication on credit. In the long run your student loan balance is going to follow you for a long time. According to the According to the United States Department of Education as of right know average undergraduate interest rate is about 3.76% and for the graduate percentage rate is about 5.31%. This numbers might not seem like much but in the long run interest becomes more and more to the point that you might pay a large fraction compared to the original
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