My Portfolio: Improving My Writing Skills

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The purpose of this letter is to introducing my portfolio and how I have improved my writing skills particularly in different genres during this semester. Also, I realized that writing is a challenge for me, particularly when I do not like writing or I do not think of myself as a good writer. However, I need to face challenges and through my academic program I can learn how to write better based on some strategies that you have already taught me. This semester I have applied some strategies as guidelines including prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. Also, I have improved my writing skills through reading and analyzing different reliable articles, textbooks, and documents that were required for various assignments. For every assignment…show more content…
I appreciate your constructive feedback which has engaged me in self-reflective activities that helped me to evaluate my goals and values in regard to my writing and reading skills. My portfolio includes the writing and documents that I have engaged in recursive reading and writing as well as research processes that I have applied for producing ideas, considering the purpose and revising my paper. Also, my portfolio has involved in and significantly self-reflects about reading and writing as social processes during this semester. Each week I participated in discussion forums that I needed to complete and shared my ideas with my classmates. This strategy prompted me to read more articles and essays to respond to others and helped me improve my vocabulary knowledge as…show more content…
I did not know anything about an annotated bibliography until you explained it and your guidelines were helpful to me. The annotated bibliography included a critical preface that evaluates the several reliable sources for a particular topic. My annotated bibliography was about HIPAA and Electronic Health Records in Mental Health and I studied several journal articles regard to my topic. This part of the assignment was not an easy job because I needed to go over several articles and find the main points in each articles. The third assignment was my research essay based on my annotated bibliography. I had to read more reliable articles to clarify my thesis statement based on the logical evidence. After finishing my research paper I began to cite my paper based on MLA

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