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Today was the first day I decided to do the Poverty walk. I did consider what the rules that were required for the Poverty walk like limiting my spending, transportation and etc. I did my daily routine for the morning, woke up, got dressed and ate a bagel for breakfast with no butter or cream cheese or no coffee like I normally would because I wouldn’t eat all that extra stuff if I was living in poverty. I did have to use transportation that day because I live off campus and had to work both jobs that day, so I would say I used $ 3.75 including the money I would spend on food. After work I usually go on campus and go to our dining hall for lunch and meet up with a group of friends, but I decided not to go around my normal time which is around…show more content…
I was hungry waking up this morning I ran out of bagels yesterday. I ended up not eating anything for breakfast. That’s supposed to be the most important meal you eat of the day and I couldn’t eat it. I had to take my mind off of it, I had to remember how blessed I am like I did the first day. Thursday it was almost Friday I couldn’t wait until it was over. Being off social media wasn’t hard for me because I have done a 21 days fast before and its actually refreshing when you can get away from social media and not consume it. This day, I continued to spend time at the library by myself doing homework. I knew later that day I was going to a friend’s bible study later that night, so I decided to eat at dining hall again. I ate a salad; I don’t usually choose to eat salads unless I have something else to eat because it never feels me up. Again you ask yourself, how do homeless people do this? How do they sleep outside, how do they not shower and feel comfortable smelling themselves? I know I wouldn’t be able to live a whole day outside to be…show more content…
It was getting towards the end of the day, I usually go to the gym Monday through Thursday, but I couldn’t go because if I was homeless I would have access to a gym. I felt weird, out of shape I was just ready to be back on my normal

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