My Poverty Walk

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Today was the first day I decided to do the Poverty walk. I did consider what the rules that were required for the Poverty walk like limiting my spending, transportation and etc. I did my daily routine for the morning, woke up, got dressed and ate a bagel for breakfast with no butter or cream cheese or no coffee like I normally would because I wouldn’t eat all that extra stuff if I was living in poverty. I did have to use transportation that day because I live off campus and had to work both jobs that day, so I would say I used $ 3.75 including the money I would spend on food. After work I usually go on campus and go to our dining hall for lunch and meet up with a group of friends, but I decided not to go around my normal time which is around 11’ o clock. I wanted to wait several hours to eat until my stomach started to growl. I began to have a headache that day because I didn’t have my coffee earlier that morning or ate lunch at my normal time. That day alone had me thinking how blessed I am because in poverty you really do struggle some people go days without having a real meal.
Throughout the day, I manage to just be by myself not to hang out with my friends like I normal do I remember spending hours in the library instead of going to my normal space I got with my friends to do homework. I wanted to take it serious, just by the choose of clothing I choose that day and my hair was little rough it was dry I wanted to moisturize it so bad, but I couldn’t. The crazy

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