My Practicum Reflection

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Since I last journaled, I have completed roughly another 40-50 hours at my practicum which will leave me around 100 hours completed by the end of this week. While reading Drolet, Clark and Allen (2012) I have decided that I feel that the readings in Chapter 6 were most relevant to what I have been experiencing in my practicum. Since the last seminar date my practicum has been filled of hands on learning and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am beginning to feel more and more comfortable with client interactions. I am feeling like I am more confident and calm when speaking with them. Since my improvement in this area I feel as if clients are much more receptive to me when I am calm and confident when talking to them.
What I found interesting
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And how do they approach it? There are many resources in prince George that focus on justice, like probation. But none quite like the urban aboriginal justice society. We are the only restorative justice organization in prince George. With this being said, we do have many other local organizations that we work very closely with and have great relationships with incase one of our clients is in need of supports that are out of our organizations skill sets. Throughout my practicum I have learnt and witnessed the importance that lays in building and maintaining relationships with workers at other organizations in town. Having key relationships with other organizations can make the process of referral way easier and when it is easier the client is able to access the help and services they need sooner than later. An example of this I witnessed in practicum, was my supervisor had a client wanting to go to treatment and in the application package there was a form that needed to be filled out the ministry of social development, in regard to funding. My supervisor was lucky enough to know one of the ladies at the ministry well enough to simply phone her, ask her to fill out the paper work for him as we were on a tight time schedule. Since he had this connection, the form was filled out and faxed back to us within the hour and this helped the client go to treatment
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