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- My Presentation skill is much developed due to taking parts in different work shops and giving oral presentations in college.I know how to attract attention of others by using different tact.

- I have studied ina college having adiverse culture due to which mycommunication skills are very much developed. As I had interaction with people of different culturesso I came to know how people with different cultures think and how to communicate with them. So this thing developed my communication skills.

- “Mentoring is a process for the informaltransmission of knowledge, social capital and psychosocial supportperceived by the receipt as relevant to the work, career or professional development;mentoring entails informal communication, usually
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Right decisions lead towards success while wrong decisions become the cause of failure. For a role as a manager or leader one needs to make quick and best decisions. I am very slow in making decisions so I think it’s also my weakness.

- When people from different school of thoughts and of different age groups work together then chances of conflict rising are always present. A good manager should know the magic to handle the situation. As I don’t like to plunge into other’s matters so I lack the skill of conflict management.

OPPORTUNITIES: I have a lot of opportunities available to me. Which I think might prove a career boaster for me. As I have been given some tasks to do by my company so if I could do them perfectly then I have chance to get promoted. I always look forward to such kind of opportunities.

THREATS: There are also some threats present which might prove very lethal for my career.If I could not learn skills required for my personal and professional development than I will not be able to get a better position. Also the technology is developing very rapidly so I need to learn new accounting software and devices otherwise I will not be able to meet the market requirements. If I could not prove me better than my colleagues then my a career will not grow at a good
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(2006) The learning style questionnaire: 80-item version: 80 item version. Maidenhead Berks. Peter Honey Publications.
I completed this questionnaire by myself and got following results.

Categories Points Comments
1. Activist 6 Low Preferences
2. Reflector 18 Very Strong Preferences
3. Theorist 16 Very Strong Preferences
4. Pragmatist 12 Moderate
This result shows that my preferred learning style is reviewing and concluding.

SOURCE:Ltd, P.E. (2016) Honey and Mumford: Learning style questionnaire- Talent Lens(UK) from Pearson. Available at:

 REFLECTOR: As a reflector I like to stand back to ponder experiences and observe them from different perspectives. I like to collect data both first hand and from others and think about it thoroughly before coming to any conclusion. My philosophy is to be cautious. I prefer to take a back seat in meetings and discussions. I like to consider all possible angles and implications before making a move and try to postpone reaching a definite conclusion far as long as possible. Being a reflector I have some strengths and some weaknesses mentioned as following
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