My Profession Choice: The Importance Of Education

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Profession choice must be based on one’s core beliefs about life. People who aspire to earn as much as possible are completely different from those that are idealistic. I strongly believe that each person ought to contribute to the society while serving for his/her self-interest and find the best way to do that. Education is a vital factor, level of which defines amount of one’s salary, thus the life quality and the social status. The more educated individuals are the higher life quality will be maintained in the society those individuals belong to. Acknowledging the importance of education for the country and the society we live in, I have made my decision to be in this sector several years ago. While interning in the school as a teacher, people around me started commenting about how happy and energetic I became. Communicating to people, teaching valuable information, getting feedback is similar to growing a tree and watering it daily and enjoying from its every millimeter of growth. I found teaching very satisfying and was surprised at what degree this profession was suitable for me. Moreover, we often heard the phrase “If I knew” which is clear evidence that the majority of problems of all kinds are derived from ignorance. Education is the best way to solve and even prevent upcoming probable negative issues. I intended to do

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