Reflective Essay: My Professional Development Experience

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I can consider my professional development experience in two parts: Before I became a teacher and after I became a teacher. During my teacher education at university I used to imagine myself as the teacher of that lesson and I used to try to draw some tips for my future job. I observed my teachers’ way of teaching, their rapport with students and their reactions. I always commented on why or why not they behave in that specific way and search for examples to be applied in my future job as a teacher. I believe that these observations provided me with some valuable and conclusive clues for my job. For example, one of my English literature teachers at university was the most outstanding example for me to be considered as an effective teacher.…show more content…
I was lucky that my sister was also mastering on English language and literature at that time. We used to share many things about our subjects at school. That gave me a chance to get information on some other areas that I was not mastering…show more content…
I have become a member of some English teaching sites which support teachers with materials, teaching ideas or teaching techniques. I also attended some online courses to catch up with the recent developments in the area. Likewise, I always tried to participate or attend conferences and seminars as a personal attempt to improve my teaching abilities.
I believe in the positive impact of peer observation on professional development. So, whenever I found an opportunity or whenever a teacher researcher, a colleague, a teacher trainer or a novice teacher requested to observe my lesson, without hesitation, I accepted to be observed throughout my lessons. Although they wanted to make use of the observation for their study or for their professional development, I also benefit from these observations by asking them to comment on my

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