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MY PROFESSIONAL DREAM AND HOW I WILL ACHIEVE IT My professional dream is to positively impact people´s lives, through international business and through sharing the best international trade practices and knowledge with entrepreneurs from emerging economies, to help them to access to global markets in a better position. Reaching my professional dream will entail to reinforce the current company I am part of, or to form a new entrepreneurial international venture. And founding an international business institute in Ecuador to help to create and open up opportunities for people who have not been able to access the international arena but they deserve to be part of it.
After 20 years of successful corporate work for multinational companies such
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The first one, is because as much as you do it the more you learn about any subject. Through teaching, marketing, brand strategy and branding during the last seven years in many different graduate business schools from Ecuador and Colombia, I have been able to master these subjects and also to be ready to apply them in my job and ventures. And the second reason is because I believe teachings is a great way to give back to society. The following proverbial wisdom “Give a man a fish, and he will be hungry again tomorrow; teach him to catch a fish, and he will be richer all his life.” Inspires me to start the first institute of international business in Ecuador, where small and medium local entrepreneurs will go and learn how to prepare to compete into the international business arena. I am sure that after graduating from Thunderbird, I will be very well equipped to share new knowledge, while giving back to society. I will like to invite to my professors and to all of the Thunderbird graduates of my class to devote probably one or two days within a year, every two years, to share their experiences in the Ecuadorian institute of international business. I would love to be able to encourage my colleagues to reply the same idea into their origin countries and I already offer myself to collaborate to expand this idea all over the world to make a more prosperous world through education, commerce and

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