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My Professional Experience (Executive HR) Describe experience in the deployment of HR aspects of ERP solutions. In my view, as a management tool, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), is one of the innovative softwares, IT field has ever devised. It includes all the business interests, which helps to systematize business processes with its inviting range of unique options. In fact, as an HR executive, it streamlines my day to day lives’ operations or responsibilities, such as employee administration, payroll, legal processes, HR regulations, evaluation of the personnel’s impact, hiring, and so on (Sheehan & Sparrow, 2012). Frankly, I could not manage such tasks previously as well as I can now manage with the help of the existing ER solutions.…show more content…
For example, the solution of the wide shared service model of HR makes trade more efficient and cost-effective and performance centric (Sheehan & Sparrow, 2012). However, it would be difficult to design and implement business plan and leadership by means of one organization culture, especially in the global business; still, special ERP softwares expedite such commercial and international business oriented operations. I think, thru shared strategies and values, the company ought to bring all the transactions under one roof to cut operating costs and gain global talent’s help in conjunction with getting technical as well as managerial proficiency (Elwood & James, 1996). In my estimation, outsourcing of business functions, international recruitment, and freelancers’ help will also bring in political edges, upgraded knowledge, superiority and modernization for the organization. I feel that, for HR domain, this model will be the safest choice. In fact, HR leaders should make the most out of it by dint of designing flexible structural changes and keeping financial perspectives in the mind en route for making business functions self-directed.…show more content…
Diverse time zones, languages, cultural standards, and business values, the global business indeed remains responsible for keeping the world’s industry intact (Van et al., 2011). Then again, for global managers, it’s difficult to satisfy all the parties (countries, senior management, representatives of staff and other organization's bodies and so on) engaged in the business due to the factors, such as constrained resources, such as financial issues, inadequate staffing, trust, unexpected legal issues and so

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