A Song Of My Life Analysis

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Finding our purpose is the key of a good life that is the reason why I choose this song to identify my life to you. It has such a big impact in my every day and actually this song was such a big help for me to give my entire soul to God; it is a song with a nostalgic, emotional and calm rhythm, actually you can feel it when you listen to it. However, finding our purpose is not easy, we as humans often confront wrong people and hard circumstances; that is why God is the essential piece of our life puzzle.
Constantly I found myself riding a bicycle with square wheels in a world where if you are different you are judged. I recognize I have wanted to give up several times and the reason is because everything around me is negative, I hate to see
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This is one of the songs that describe the most my life, I know it is true we all have a hard life and mine is not an exception. My daily routine is a rollercoaster where my days can start excellent but they end not so excellent or as well vice versa. Changes are unavoidable and people come and go but this doesn’t mean the problem is the way we are, actually we just need to understand that life is based on challenges.
Although we often make mistakes, we must give everything we got because sometimes situations end up happening for a reason even we don’t understand that reason. Humans are not perfect and we are not necessarily put in the best positions to make the best decisions; don’t be rude at yourself because Lord knows we give all that we got, he knows I’m weak almost all the time but I’m aware that we gives me a purpose to be stronger every day, now the phrase “I give up” doesn’t exist in my life thanks to
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