My Purpose In My Life

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Finding our purpose is the key of a good life that is the reason why I choose this song to identify my life to you. It has such a big impact in my every day and actually this song was such a big help for me to give my entire soul to God; it is a song with a nostalgic, emotional and calm rhythm, actually you can feel it when you listen to it. However, finding our purpose is not easy, we as humans often confront wrong people and hard circumstances; that is why God is the essential piece of our life puzzle.
Constantly I found myself riding a bicycle with square wheels in a world where if you are different you are judged. I recognize I have wanted to give up several times and the reason is because everything around me is negative, I hate to see hypocrisy in front of my eyes and is maddening to feel hate around.
My body is feeling weak and chapfallen of trying to do everything perfect and my eyes wept tears constantly of seeing how many people supposed to be my friends left me alone and the worst part is to know the reason why they left have no sense. My mind is like a labyrinth with no scape and always confused because of the fact of no having idea how to do everything perfect without being judged. Maybe is the way I am or maybe the problem is that I have not been having Lord in my life for a long time.
I still remember myself trying to find a solution, believe me or not I was very lost but after a lot of wept tears and depression comes this song that helped me to put my heart

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